Saturday, October 3, 2020

Undisciplined Writer

I admit it—I’m an undisciplined writer. I’ve gotten sloppy in my retirement, enjoying my time off even though I’ve mostly stayed at home this year. There’s no reason NOT to write. Is it a COVID slump? Perhaps, although it might be the senior citizen version of youthful acting out.

My productivity ebbs and flows, but when creativity and inspiration hit, it’s not always focused on writing or the most effective use of time. This week, I created a party game for a book launch scheduled early next year for a book that’s still being edited. Today I was double-booked for webinars. I tried and failed to watch them simultaneously.

It’s been busy on the literary front, but I’m being pulled in five different directions by five different writing projects. I’m not getting anything accomplished.

I really should make a schedule and stick to it. For example, go to bed at a reasonable hour rather than binge watching series reruns until midnight. Don’t skip my daily walks. (My dog reported me to the ASPCA last week.) Most importantly, schedule writing times during the week and PEN them into my calendar. I have too many erasers handy to use a pencil.