Scott “Mac” McGregor is a tough but compassionate police detective who struggles at times to keep an open mind. Being a police detective is important to him, and he’s driven to solve cases. Stilted by a messy divorce years earlier, McGregor is beginning to examine his emotional baggage. 

The series is set in Fresno, in central California’s hot San Joaquin Valley, but cases find McGregor everywhere he travels.

The Disappearance of Millicent Hart

Veronica Hart did all she could to find her missing grandmother, but when the police stop looking because there is no evidence of foul play, she takes investigative matters into her own hands, setting in motion a chain of events that leads to more than she expected.

Murder Goes on Vacation
(Coming soon)

Detective Scott McGregor and friends attend a computer convention in Las Vegas where a woman suddenly collapses during a virtual reality demonstration. When the death is determined to be from unnatural causes, the detective’s best friend, a computer specialist, is asked to consult on the case, leaving McGregor to investigate outside the law.