Sunday, November 18, 2018

Happy Thanksgiving!

It’s Thanksgiving week and I’m juggling work, family, and plans for a large weekend get-together. Although it’s National Novel Writing Month ( and I’m working on the second Detective McGregor mystery, I had intended to put down my pen (shut down my computer) a few days to prepare for the holiday party.

I’m learning about the craft of writing and how to weave subplots into the main story line. When I wondered if the way my detective, Scott McGregor, celebrates Thanksgiving might lead to a subplot, I realized I’d started viewing the world through the eyes of an author.

Recently I’ve heard the saying ‘Ideas are a dime a dozen; the only ones worth anything are the ones you write.’ A few years ago, I couldn’t fathom having a dozen book ideas waiting to be written; now, I’m not surprised when ideas materialize unexpectedly.

Write and allow your creativity to flow. The creation of a book draft, short story, journal entry, blog post, poem, song lyric, whatever – is fulfilling, even if you don’t choose to publish.