Tuesday, February 14, 2023

Man of my Dreams

Monty, fictional character
I met the man of my dreams at a Denver dinner event earlier this month.

I’d ‘dreamed up’ a character for my cozy mystery, “Murder at Binkley House.” The man in Denver appeared to be the living, breathing version of that character.

Often, my created characters are a mixture of the physical, emotional, and behavioral traits of people I know or have seen.

The cozy mystery character, Monty, blends a kind and personable maintenance man from a previous job with Santa Claus during his off season.

When I met Monte, the man in Denver, my brain pinged the cozy mystery’s maintenance man. Both have short, neatly trimmed beards, kind eyes, and gentle natures.

Now as I write Monty, the fictional character, I can visualize Monte, the man.