Tuesday, November 1, 2022

Literary Threat

This morning while I was online, I was literally threatened. Or would that be literarily?

The main character in the cozy mystery I’m writing revealed to my online chat friend (who had inspired another story character) what she’d seen the friend’s character do. Then my friend’s character threatened the main character.

And just like that, the subplot became more interesting.

The main character will receive an anonymous threatening note. But she leaves fingerprints all over it when she tries to correct the punctuation, causing the police to think she sent it to herself.

I know how the main character felt – about the punctuation.

I came home from work one day decades ago, and found an anonymous note taped to my front gate. I had the urge to get a red pen and mark up all the spelling, punctuation, and grammar errors. I wanted to write ‘Please correct and re-submit’ on the top and tape it back on my gate. I didn’t though.

A week later, a neighbor knocked on my door to complain about my barking dog. As she spoke, my dog trotted up and sat quietly beside me. All the while, some other neighbor’s dog continued to bark. Her apology was truly one of the little joys in life.