Monday, April 1, 2019

April Fools’ Day

I walked into my supervisor’s office today and told her I quit.

Retirement on April Fools’ Day is a joke come true. Last year, whenever I asked my supervisor for permission to retire, she either told me ‘NO!' or 'Sure, after she did in another 20 years’ – all humorously, of course.

My Project Director had heard me joke about retiring on April 1st and immediately initiated training for two additional staff to learn what I did throughout the year-long work cycle. So, two co-workers are now trained in my job duties, and my tasks have been reassigned to three people. And that begs the question: does it take two or three people to replace me, or is this a simple case of attrition?

Sometimes you get what you ask for. Whether retiring on April Fools’ Day is irony or an omen has yet to be seen. Anyway, I smashed my alarm clock. Retirement begins tomorrow.

And my publisher is already waiting for my next book.