Monday, February 4, 2019

McGregor’s Super Bowl Party

Guest post by Detective Scott McGregor who attended a Super Bowl party thrown by his best friend, Ryan Talbrook, who teaches at the university. 

Even though I love football, watching the party goers was more exciting than the game. Several mathematicians and statisticians debated hotly over the appropriate weighting of team variables in predicting the winner. Two die-hard Steelers fans attended wearing Steelers jerseys, rooting for the Rams to win to preserve the Steelers’ singular claim to the most Super Bowl victories. Several grad students intended to celebrate team touchdowns with shots of tequila and ended up dismally sober.

A football pool was created, and the winner of every quarter received a cheap trophy. The winner of the game received the grand prize, the “Armchair Quarterback Morning After Relief Pack” full of sports injury-related remedies: elbow, knee, and ankle supports; Ace bandages; sports tape; cold packs; and athlete’s foot ointment.

Great party. Hoping for a more exciting game next year.