Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Dirty Little Secrets

Once you’re infected by the writing bug, all bets are off. Lack of self-discipline, poor self-care, and ignoring social commitments hit the top of the offenses list.

I used to adhere to an early bedtime, get sufficient rest, eat properly, and exercise regularly. Seems like ages ago. Now I’m shocked that dawn comes so early when I’ve been writing until 2 AM. Sometimes I don’t clean the kitchen and just put the dirty pots, pans, and plates into the refrigerator to delay the eventual decomposition. ‘Social hermitism’ might not be a real affliction with a legitimate basis in some people’s mind but ask a writer in the throes of a creative streak. You’ll get confirmation.

Fortunately, I work part-time and so far, I’ve been disciplined enough to complete tasks and meet deadlines. But the siren call of retirement has been sounding louder in my head lately. Oh, to be able to write non-stop!