The Series

Scott “Mac” McGregor is a tough but compassionate police detective who struggles at times to keep an open mind. Being continually exposed to the worst of humanity, it would be easy for him to become cynical. But being raised in a bicultural family in a less affluent section of town, Scott is personally aware of society's unattractive side and fights the siren call of prejudice and condescension.

The Disappearance of Millicent Hart 
Available December 2018, CLICK HERE for Kindle version and HERE for Paperback.
Veronica Hart did all she could to find her missing grandmother. But when the police stopped looking because there was no evidence of foul play, she had to take matters into her own hands to get the investigation back on track.

Murder Goes on Vacation 
to be released in 2019
Detective Scott McGregor, his girlfriend, and his best friend attend a computer convention where a woman suddenly collapses during a virtual reality demonstration. When the Medical Examiner determines the death was not from natural causes, the detective and his best friend, a computer specialist, are asked to consult on the case.